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you find mentions of Scott in the oddest places sometimes

Scott was mentioned on Short Packed (web comic) today..

excerpt here.

Our finding of Transformers Cybertron toys a few days ago coincided happily with the debut of the television show on Saturday night. (Though for God-knows-why, they started with the fourth episode. Whuh-buh?) Of the toys I picked up, the one I was most excited for was Jetfire. Jetfire has been voiced by the boisterous Scott McNeil (Beast Wars' Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, Silverbolt and X-Men Evolution's Wolverine, to note some of his work) in the past two series, but was replaced in Cybertron by some other guy 'cuz they wanted Jetfire to sound Australian. (This is awesome because Scott McNeil was actually born in Australia. Raised Canadian, of course, but I "heh" nonetheless.)

This makes Jetfire sound hilarious.

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