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The Scott McNeil Effect: Can you feel it?

Since the fall of the previous Scott fansite, I have taken it upon myself to create a new site to fill with fun and excitement for all of Scott's fans! The purpose of this site is to centralize all known information and fun stuff about Scott so his fans don't have to run all over the internet trying to figure it all out. Also, it's a location for fans to share their Scott related works with the world so if you have some, feel free to submit something! We're still under construction and constantly adding content but we need YOUR help to make it better! So have a gander at the site and help support it if you can, let's make this the best fansite we can!
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Hi New member here.

Hi Everyone,

Im murasaki_ahiru and Ive joined up to this LJ community. Im a fan of Scott and his work. My fav characters that he has voiced are Rattrap and Silverbolt. Also Scott is not bad looking in a scruffy kinda way. I wish he would come to Australia for a Anime con. I'd be there in a flash! Well anyway that's all from me.
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Quotable! Rin

Scott: guest-staring in a webcomic near you.

let me preface this; I love Shortpacked. It's a great webcomic.

And today's comic features Scott. As himself.

The associated rant/entry that goes with it reads: Anyway, today's strip. Uh. Well, it's more anecdotal than my usual Walkified spin on things. You see, the voice actors were supposed to comment on the episodes as we watched them. Of course, Beast Wars is awesome, and the voice actors were too awestruck by the awesomeness to say much. They were too busy watching. The voice actors even apologized as it went and made jokes to this effect. So, really, my comic is redundant. Horrible, even. I don't even know why I didn't redraw it from scratch.

It made me laugh, so I just had to share it.
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Quotable! Rin

you find mentions of Scott in the oddest places sometimes

Scott was mentioned on Short Packed (web comic) today..

excerpt here.

Our finding of Transformers Cybertron toys a few days ago coincided happily with the debut of the television show on Saturday night. (Though for God-knows-why, they started with the fourth episode. Whuh-buh?) Of the toys I picked up, the one I was most excited for was Jetfire. Jetfire has been voiced by the boisterous Scott McNeil (Beast Wars' Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, Silverbolt and X-Men Evolution's Wolverine, to note some of his work) in the past two series, but was replaced in Cybertron by some other guy 'cuz they wanted Jetfire to sound Australian. (This is awesome because Scott McNeil was actually born in Australia. Raised Canadian, of course, but I "heh" nonetheless.)

This makes Jetfire sound hilarious.

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Quotable! Rin

Googlism for: scott mcneil

Googlism for: scott mcneil

scott mcneil is quite prolific in the voice
scott mcneil is doing five voices for the new heman series
scott mcneil is executive director of the free standards group
scott mcneil is hoping it'll be second
scott mcneil is a kowai looking guy
scott mcneil is nifty
scott mcneil is so cool
scott mcneil is overjoyed and overloaded with the huge items to auction off for charity
scott mcneil is held back by russell dallas's club as kevin thain threatens to pounce dsc_3782
scott mcneil is held back by russell dallas's club as kevin thain threatens to pounce
scott mcneil is my
scott mcneil is in the new
scott mcneil is particularly pleased with the finished product
scott mcneil is absent
scott mcneil is also interested
scott mcneil is rath and also bob the policeman as well as set
scott mcneil is just hilarious and funny how it is
scott mcneil is hot
scott mcneil is acting normal
scott mcneil is holding up for the auction in the last two pictures were drawn by gypsy and you
scott mcneil is sci fi
scott mcneil is going to be there
scott mcneil is in the cast
scott mcneil is a
scott mcneil is the voice of duo maxwell from gundam wing
scott mcneil is the most wonderful person i have had the chance to meet
scott mcneil is carried off on the shoulders of a horde of amorous female transfans
scott mcneil is the hit of the party at conventions
scott mcneil is hysterical
scott mcneil is simply brilliant
scott mcneil is already there
scott mcneil is the old voice of piccolo
scott mcneil is gonna be back for this year's convention
scott mcneil is also doing at least one voice
scott mcneil is absolutely the man
scott mcneil is © lone wolf posted with the permission of chad burbidge
scott mcneil is no longer playing this part
scott mcneil is like listening to an entire crowd
scott mcneil is in it
scott mcneil is one of my closest friends
scott mcneil is a guest @ the canadian
scott mcneil is
scott mcneil is the guy who did goku once

I am very amused by this. :)
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Quotable! Rin

disappointing, but not really unexpected

Scott will NOT be attending Anime North 2004-

taken from The TeaHouse of the Maple Moon (Anime North Forum)


If there are cancellations- i will see what his availability is like but cannot pursue it at this moment.

Why he wasnt invited in the first place? We had other guests lined up- again- we cannot invite the same people over and over again. Some of these guests we have been working with for close to a year. I am not going to deny them their first time opportunity to come to Anime North. Everyone has to take a turn.

This year we have Moneca Stori, Michael Dobson and Richard Cox- all who are new people and have never been to Anime North. Plus we are working very hard on a very very popular person(s) from Japan.

Next year we will probably have a whole NEW line up- typically we rotate people every 2-3 years- based upon demand and the shows that are popular.

Plus on a personal note- with Scott's current schedule- we thought it would be nice for him to be home for his wife's birthday- which always fall on an Anime North weekend.

Hope this helps and now will consider the matter closed-

Like Donald Trump says- its not personal- it is just business and these hard decisions have to be made.

Liaison Director
Anime North 2004
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